Developmental Studies

South Texas College offers students the opportunity to develop college-level skills in mathematics, reading, writing, and college success. South Texas College provides Developmental Education options to students that contain the essential academic skills to successfully complete academic/technical coursework.

Students not meeting Placement Standards to enroll in freshman-level coursework and not qualifying for a TSI exemption are required to enroll in and attend developmental courses until they meet the Placement Standards for those skills.

Students placing in one or more Developmental courses must also enroll in and attend a College Success course (EDCS 0101, EDUC1300, PSYC1300) during their first semester, until they successfully exit the course. Students who fail to comply with policies and procedures may be withdrawn from all of their classes except College Success and may not earn any college credit hours for the semester. Students who withdraw, are withdrawn from, or do not enroll in their required developmental classes are entitled to a one semester-long waiver which will allow them not to be withdrawn from all their academic classes, but they must enroll in the appropriate developmental class(es) the following semester or sooner. Being withdrawn from academic classes will affect Financial Aid status.

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