Developmental English

The Developmental English Department assists students in acquiring the necessary writing skills to continue on to college-level study. Furthermore, the department creates an environment conducive to learning by providing academic, personal, and professional support to the students, staff, and faculty of South Texas College, as well as to the greater community.

The Developmental English Department accomplishes its mission of assisting students in achieving both academic and personal goals by offering three levels of Developmental English courses, lab training, computer-assisted instruction, and English tutoring. The Developmental English Department responds dynamically to a diverse student body and community and also advocates equal educational opportunities.

"The pen is the tongue of my mind." --Cerva

Courses Faculty Staff Resources

Name E-mail Phone Location
Pecan Campus
Melissa Arjona marjona4 956-872-2060 J-2.1104
Angelica P. Cerda apcerda 956-872-1967 J 2.912
Laura de la Viña delavina 956-872-2062 J-2.1106
José J. González, Jr josejgj 956-872-7239 J-2.914
Jose Perez jperez 956-872-2563 J-2.916
Steve Schiefelbein schief 956-872-5604 J 2.806
Xin Shane Zuo xshanez 956-872-5629 J 2.1020
Mid-Valley Campus
Esmeralda Macias ermacias 956-973-1039 B 202 P
Jesus Reyna jreyna_4342 956-961-9268 PB 1B
Maria Tello mtello 956-973-7643 B 202 O
Starr County Campus
Melba Perkins maperkin 956-488-5854 E-2.730

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

Name E-Mail Phone Location
Rodriguez, Florinda - Department Chair frodrig 956-872-3503 Pecan J-2.804
Sepulveda, Maria - Faculty Secretary misepulveda 956-872-3524 Pecan J-2.902
Cortez, Jose - Lab Technician jcorte45 956-867-8640 Pecan J-2.906

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