Developmental Mathematics

Developmental Mathematics at South Texas College is dedicated to helping students acquire the necessary mathematical skills to meet TSI standards and to be successful in academic level mathematics courses.

Choosing the Right Course

What's Your Major?

Is your major STEM-related or Education? It probably requires College Algebra or Math for Business.

But for most other majors, College Algebra is not required for your degree. You could meet the math requirement for your major by taking Elementary Statistics or Contemporary Mathematics instead. These courses may be more beneficial to your area of study than College Algebra. Please meet with an advisor to verify. Also, if you are planning to transfer to another institution, make sure the math course you choose satisfies the program of study you plan to complete at the transferring institution.

What's Your TSI Score?

Your TSI test score affects when you may begin taking College-Level math courses. Registration options can be found below along with alternative options for improving your initial placement into our developmental program

  • 350 and over: Register for any College-Level math course
  • 336-349 or ABE 5-6: Register for a College-Level math course combined with a supplemental Math Lab (Co-Requisite Courses). If your area of study does not require a college level math course but requires that you be TSI complete, register for a stand-alone Supplementary Lab course (MATL 0020 – Supplementary Lab)
  • 310-335: Register for the Developmental Math course that best prepares you for the College-Level course you plan to enroll in:
    • Math 0442 – Foundations for Mathematical Reasoning (Non-Algebra Based). After successful completion, student may enroll in Contemporary Mathematics (Math 1332) or Elementary Statistics (Math 1442)
    • Math 0100 – Developmental Math I (Algebra Based). After successful completion, student may enroll in any College-Level Co-Requisite course. This course best prepares students for College Algebra (Math 1414).  Students who are not required to take a college level math course may enroll in stand-alone Supplementary Lab course (MATL 0020 – Supplementary Lab) after successful completion of Math 0100.

Options to Improve Your TSI Placement

To register in the camps/courses below, follow the CRN link to fill out an online form. For assistance signing up, please call our faculty secretary at 872-7237, or our student success specialist at 872-3461.

TSI Boot Camp Schedule:

Due to COVID 19, TSI Boot Camps have been temporarily suspended until further notice.

Faculty Staff Resources

Name Office Phone Email
Pecan Campus
Ms. Rosana C. Carpio - Instructor Y 2.302-K 956-872-6491 rccarpio
Ms. Emma L. Elizondo - Instructor Y 2.302-B 956-872-2086 eelizon5
Mr. Elizandro Flores - Instructor Y 2.302-Q 956-872-2081 eflores
Mr. Javier Garcia - Instructor Y 2.302-F 956-872-7235 javierg
Mr. Richard G. Getso - Instructor Y 2.302-U 956-872-7241 rgetso
Mr. Juan J. Ibarra - Instructor Y 2.302-R 956-872-2083 ibarra
Mr. Armando A. Lopez - Instructor Y 2.302-T 956-872-2063 alopez
Mr. Enrique Arredondo - Instructor Y 2.302-J 956-872-2674 earredo
Mr. Fidel O. Rodriguez - Instructor Y 2.302-H 956-872-2068 frodriguez45
Mrs. Graciela Rodriguez - Lecturer PB 23B-A 956-872-6721 grodr217
Mr. Marco A. Ruvalcaba - Instructor Y 2.302-V 956-872-2064 rmarco
Ms. Matea Vazquez - Instructor Y 2.302-X 956-872-6415 matea
Mid-Valley Campus
Mr. Saul Andaverdi - Lecturer K 1.402-AJ 956-447-6628 sand
Mr. Pedro A. Paz - Instructor K 1.402-Y 956-973-7610 apazjr
Starr County Campus
Mrs. Maria D. Garcia - Instructor E 2.714 956-488-5849 mmgarcia
Mr. David Lung - Instructor E 2.724 956-488-5815 dlung

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

Name Office Phone Email
Pablo Cortez - Developmental Math Coordinator Pecan Y 2.302-G 956-872-2082 cortez
Cintia Munoz - Secretary Pecan Y 2.302-A 956-872-7237 cmunoz15
Jose J. Cortez III - Lab Technician Pecan J 2.906 956-872-8342 jcorte45
Student Success Specialist
Velma Cervantez - Pecan / Virtual Pecan K 1.614 956-872-3461 vcervantes
Celina A. Jorge - Starr Pecan J 3.1004 956-872-1994 cesparza1

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