Developmental Mathematics

The Developmental Mathematics Department at South Texas College is dedicated to helping students acquire the necessary mathematical skills to meet TSI standards and to be successful in academic level mathematics courses.


Course Structure - Courses meet in a computer lab setting and consist of lecture/discussion time followed by lab time that allows students to practice the objectives they have learned that day, get immediate feedback on their progress via an online interactive program, and get individualized assistance.

Math 100 - Developmental Mathematics I

This is the first of two courses of the developmental math sequence. This course is a study of fundamental mathematics principles and concepts. Topics include performing basic arithmetic operations on integers, fractions, and decimals; performing calculations involving exponents and order of operations; solving application problems involving proportions, percents, and fractions; simplifying algebraic expressions and solving linear equations; application problems involving linear models; graphs of linear equations in two variables; applying rules of exponents, calculations involving scientific notation, operations on polynomials, measures of central tendency, and introduction to probability. Prerequisite: Placement based on TSI assessment scores from 336 to 341.

Math 200 - Developmental Mathematics II

This is the terminal course of the developmental math sequence. Students successfully completing this course become TSI complete and are free to enroll in any credit bearing college level math course. This course is a study of introductory and intermediate algebra concepts. Topics include factorization of polynomials, operations on rational and radical expressions, operations on real and complex numbers, solving rational equations, radical equations, absolute value equations and inequalities, quadratic equations with real and non-real solutions and their graphs, application problems involving quadratic models, features of functions, and application problems on geometry. Prerequisite: Math 100 with a C or better or placement based on TSI assessment scores from 342 to 349.

Math 0442 - Foundations for Mathematical Reasoning

This course is part of the New Mathways Project. Students successfully completing this course may only enroll in Math 1442 (Statistics). Upon completion of Math 1442, students become TSI complete. This course surveys a variety of mathematical topics needed to prepare students for college-level Statistics or Quantitative Reasoning courses. Topics include: numeracy with an emphasis on estimation and fluency with large numbers; evaluating expressions and formulas; rates, ratios, and proportions; percentages; solving equations; linear models; data interpretations including graphs and tables; verbal, algebraic and graphical representations of functions; and exponential models. This course is not for college-level credit.

Prerequisite: None.

Math NCBM 0001- Foundations for Mathematical Reasoning

This course is a review of elementary algebra concepts. Topics include solutions of linear equations and inequalities in one variable; graphs of linear equations in two variables, rules of exponents, operations on polynomials, factorization of polynomials, solving polynomial equations by factoring, rational expressions, systems of linear equations, and application problems involving linear models. After successful completion of this course, students will be college ready in mathematics.

Prerequisite: Placement based on TSI assessment scores from 347-349.

Staff Faculty

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Pablo Cortez - Interim Dept. Chair Pecan J 2.606 956-872-2082 cortez
Enrique Arredondo - Dept. Assistant Chair Pecan J 2.904 956-872-2674 earredo
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Mary Jane Sustaita - Dept. Secretary Pecan J 2.602 956-872-7237 mjsustaita
Mario A. Alvarez - Lab Technician Pecan J 2.906 956-872-8342 malvarez_4242
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Celina A. Jorge- Student Success Specialist Pecan J 3.1004 956-872-1994 cesparza1
Herlinda G. Medrano - Student Success Specialist Mid-Valley B 202-A 956-973-7668 lmedrano1
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Mr. Javier Garcia J 2.604 956-872-7235 javierg
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