Developmental Reading

The Developmental Studies Reading Program aligns its mission with that of the College by addressing diverse educational needs and empowering learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful life-long readers and critical thinkers.

The Developmental Studies Program accomplishes its mission by assisting students in achieving their goals by offering differing levels of developmental courses at varying times and sites.

Degree Plans Faculty Staff Resources

Name E-mail Phone Location
Pecan Campus
Dominguez, Ron romaldo1 956-872-2102 Pecan J-2.820
Gonzalez, Blanca bgonzale 956-872-6712 Pecan J-2.822
Masso, Tanya tmasso 956-872-2141 Pecan J-2.1022
Rodriguez, Florinda frodrig 956-872-3503 Pecan J-2.902
Wells, Joy joywells 956-872-3504 Pecan J-2.910
Mid-Valley Campus
Naumann, Tammi naumatam1 956-973-7615 Mid-Valley B-202R
Reyna, Adalia dreyna 956-447-6622 Mid-Valley B-202G
Shovak, Paul pshovak 956-447-6620 Mid-Valley H-117
Starr County Campus
Alaniz, Anna abalaniz 956-488-5869 Starr E 2.616
Remigio, Aleli aremigio 956-488-5814 Starr E 2.728

For faculty not listed, please contact the department.

Name E-Mail Phone Location
Rodriguez, Florinda - Chair frodrig
956-872-5303 Pecan J 2.804 C
Sepulveda, Maria - Faculty Secretary misepulveda 956-872-3524 Pecan J 2.804
Cortez, Jose - Lab Technician jcorte45 956-867-8640 Pecan
Flores, Humberto - Lab Technician 956-720-7212 Mid-Valley

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